Introduction of GARU CHAN
His title is Adventurer! When you think of adventurers, don't you think of masculine people like Naomi Uemura, Yuichiro Miura and Ken Noguchi? GARU CHAN can be said to be a new type of adventurer in the sense that he challenges and adventurously takes on adventures that anyone can take on, not adventures in other worlds such as Everest or Antarctica, but adventures at an extraordinary level. In fact, his power is beyond that of an ordinary person, and he even performs martial arts, which is surprising to those who are new to the sport!
But even so, it doesn't feel lumpy or lumpy, it even gives a soft impression. She is also a visual model and is enviable. Of course, there are many women who admire her, and there are many who have taken up the challenge of biking, sports and the outdoors through GARU CHAN.
One of her many activities is to go to a waterfall. There is also an aspect of the ascetic who pursues the discipline of spirituality and the "stillness" part, as opposed to the intense daily "movement".
He is also valuable for his unique activities, not just visually, but also for his responsiveness and precision in his talks.
This time, we are collaborating with Rebel Diablo Custom Works2 ( and we are going to be riding it from Fukuoka to Tokyo at night and arriving in the afternoon! And superhuman!
K-SPEED is rooting for GARU CHAN as a rider who is really riding hard.
GARU CHAN : Adventurer
Land : Backpacking around the world twice, big bike, car, waterfall, fighter
Sea: small boats, scuba diving
Sky: paragliding, skydiving

I like my bike. GARU CHAN appears in the campaign!
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