●Delivery status
After delivery (items with tracking codes), the delivery service is handled by the post office.
The post office does not have any information beyond the tracking code.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please ask the post office. Thank you for your cooperation.

●Delivery time
Delivery time is about 7 to 10 days, but it may be delayed on weekends and holidays, so please allow about 2 weeks. Delays are more likely to occur during holidays, New Year's holidays, Christmas season, Chinese New Year, and vacation season.

Prices include shipping charges.
Delivery is available to all countries.
However, some items may not be able to be delivered according to the laws of each country.
K-SPEED will contact you in such cases.

Taxation is subject to the taxation laws of each country.
Customers are requested to comply with the taxation system of the receiving country with regard to VAT, consumption tax, taxation at customs clearance, etc.

●Inventory Status
Items available on the website are in stock.
Sold-out items are awaiting delivery. Items available for sale are listed on the site.
Unlisted products are discontinued or parts that have not yet been released.

●Only products listed on the site are available for sale.
We do not sell individual parts for concept vehicles.

●After-sales service
Please inform us of your order number.
We do not provide any after-sales care or warranty for products purchased from other stores, such as parallel sales, private imports, or auctions, other than K-SPEED JAPAN authorized products.

●We will handle returns and refunds in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

●We will send you a tracking code after delivery. Please check the tracking code before contacting us, as it may be sorted into a folder such as junk mail.

●Regarding public roads
Use of custom bikes and parts is at the user's own risk.

●Characteristics of custom parts
Custom parts may require processing for installation.
The parts may be distorted, slightly different in color, or may have gaps where they fit together. The purchase of custom parts is based on the assumption that the customer understands the characteristics of custom parts.

●Change of Logo
The logo has been changed from Diablo to Diabolus.
K-SPEED has decided to change its product brand "Diablo" to "Diabolus" to avoid trademark issues in some countries. Products will be gradually switched to the new logo. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

●K-SPEED's products, custom bike configurations, sizes and specifications, and blueprints are intellectual property, and are not available to the public.
We cannot provide such information even if you inquire us. (We will not be able to provide any information (e.g., tire sizes used, parts manufacturers, etc.).

●Cancellation is possible only after the product has been delivered to you. Once we receive your order, the shipping company will automatically begin working on the order. Cancellation is not possible until the product arrives. See Terms and Conditions.