Be sure to read the "Notes" and "Terms of Service" when purchasing custom parts and/or Full Custom (Complete Built-Up).
About the Price:

Q. Is the list price including shipping?

A. Yes, the list price includes shipping.

Q. Is the list price including tax?

A. Yes, the list price includes 10% sales tax.

Q. Are there any costs other than the listed price?

A. Nothing if custom parts will be shipped to Japan.

If you send it to a country other than Japan, additional costs may be incurred according to the laws of each country.

Full Custom (Complete Built-Up) has an additional cost in addition to the list price.

About delivery:

Q. How long does it take to deliver?

A. Custom parts will be sent from Thailand.

Usually, it will be delivered in about 2 weeks, but please note that there may be a delay depending on the situation.

Full Custom (Complete Built-Up) is usually delivered in about 1 to 3 months, but it may take 3 months or more depending on the model, stock status, installation of optional items, etc.

Q. Which country can you ship to?

A. We can ship to all over the countries.

However, some products cannot be delivered due to the laws of each country.

In that case, K-SPEED will contact you.

About the product:

Q. Is it possible to change the custom specifications?

A. Not possible. Only the specifications and colors specified by the K-SPEED designer are provided.

Q. Is there a Cub Custom 50cc?

A. We do not offer 50cc based Cub Custom.

Q. Do you sell Cub custom parts?

A. We do not sell custom parts for Cub. We only offer Full Custom (Complete Built-Up).

Q. I ordered a different product. Can I change or cancel?

A. You can cancel from the time of ordering to within 7 days after receiving this product, as long as it is unused, processed by the customer, or not deformed.

About payment:

Q. What are the payment methods?

A. You can pay by credit card, Shopify Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay.

Q. Is it possible to get a loan?

A. Credit cards are accepted for one time payment only. Please contact us if you would like to use a bank transfer or loan for the purchase of a complete car.

About order / payment confirmation:

Q. I haven't received the notification email after ordering and depositing. I made an inquiry but did not receive a reply.

A. We will send you an e-mail immediately after confirming your order and payment, but depending on your e-mail settings, it may be sorted to the junk e-mail folder or automatically deleted and you may not receive it.

Please set so that you can receive @k-speed.com, or check the junk folder.

Compliance with various regulatory standards in different countries.
It is physically impossible to collect information on all country regulations, etc., and to change or adapt specifications for the products listed on this website.
Therefore, it is not possible to comply with national environmental standards, national regulatory standards, applications for approval, etc.
Nor can information such as design drawings be provided. Please be aware of this in advance.