K-SPEED is a company that manufactures and sells custom motorcycle parts designed by representative Tanadit with his own unique sense. Tanadit has been asked to produce show models by many high-class brands such as HONDA Thailand, BMW, ROYAL ENFIELD, and has produced many topical works and hit works due to its high design. K-SPEED embodies TANADIT DESIGHN with advanced technology and provides high quality products.


K-SPEED JAPAN (Bamboo Hornet) is an official distributor of K-SPEED.
All products are shipped from Thailand after being inspected by Japanese staff in Thailand.

Bamboo Hornet Inc.
Company Code: 0200-03-016047
Katsuradai 2 Aoba-ku Yokohama City Kanagawa, JAPAN
Representative: Naoshi Matsutake

Thailand Office
312/89 Keha-Thungsonghong , Soi Main road, Thungsonghong, Laksi District , Bangkok 10210
Operation Manager: Taveechai Kongsanit

Tanadit Design

HONDA Thailand asked Mr.Tanadit to realize a new concept that further evolves of HONDA Super Cub in 2018. "TOKYO STREET" was a work meeting the request. Tanadit reconstructed the image while emphasizing the practicality, functionality, and the design of JAPAN STYLE, which are the origins of HONDA Cub design. While advancing the stylishness that the Bobber style aims for, he made use of the characteristic lines of the original design and kept the whole in monotone.
It was a work full of aesthetics, born from the Japanese aesthetics that are familiar to "Zen" and the simplification of "not too less and not too much".
It was featured in various media and was a big hit such as receiving various awards, so there was a flood of requests for commercialization.
K-SPEED reviewed various parts, improved durability and quality, and put it on the market in 2019.
With a maneuverable size, a high performance and durable engine, and environmentally friendly performance, the "TANADIT DESIGN" custom motorbike is a City Vehicle for matures.