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Please read the following before contacting us.

If you send us an e-mail inquiry with the following information, we will return the same answer. Please understand this in advance.

Gmail, iCloud mail, docomo, etc. often do not receive emails, so please use other email domains if possible.

Delivery time
The delivery period is about 7 to 10 days, but it may be delayed on weekends and holidays, so please allow about 2 weeks. Delays are more likely to occur during holidays, New Year's holidays, Christmas season, Chinese New Year, Songkran, and vacation season.

Shipping cost
Prices include shipping charges.

Stock status
Items available on the website are in stock. Only products listed on the site are available for sale. We do not sell individual parts.

After-sales care
Please inform us of your order number.
Parallel sales, personal imports, auctions, etc. other than K-SPEED JAPAN authorized products,
We do not provide any after-sales care or warranty for products purchased from other stores, such as parallel sales, private imports, auctions, etc.

K-SPEED products, custom bike configurations, sizes, specifications, blueprints, etc., are the intellectual property of K-SPEED JAPAN and are not for public inspection. (Tire size used, manufacturer used, etc.)

Cancellation is possible only after the product has been delivered to you. Once the order is received, the shipping company will automatically begin the process. Cancellation is not possible until the product arrives. Please refer to the Terms of Use.

Environmental regulations, etc.
K-SPEED products are manufactured in compliance with Thai regulations, etc.
We have not applied for various regulations in all the countries of the world.

●Delivery status
The delivery time after delivery (products with tracking codes) is as follows,

Delivery service is handled by the post office.
We do not have any information beyond the tracking code.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please ask the post office. Thank you for your cooperation.

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