We will trade on the premise that you understand the following contents. Please be sure to read it before purchasing.
We sincerely hope that you can enjoy your custom motorcycle safely.

About custom motorcycles:
Custom motorcycles may not be covered by the motorcycle manufacturer's warranty.
Although we meet the safety standards, we do not guarantee all safety. It is a motorcycle that enjoys the design by making the design of the show model as the same as possible, and it is the purchaser's own responsibility for running on public roads. Please understand the following conditions before purchasing.

About the use of custom motorcycles and custom parts:
Custom motorcycles are fun to design.
In order to disassemble the normal car and add different parts, we will cut it, make holes, weld it and add it to match the normal car. Small scratches are generated during processing. The additional parts are not genuine parts. The colors may be slightly different, and there may be slight gaps at the mating points.
All K-SPEED products are custom cars or custom parts, and are different from mass-produced products of commercial manufacturers. Processing may be required for installation.
In addition, the sales system does not have a maintenance system or aftercare system similar to that of commercial manufacturers. Please understand that even if you are required to provide the same service as a commercial manufacturer, you cannot purchase it. (Providing alternative vehicles, obtaining moped type 2 numbers, etc.)

  • Since it is not a mass-produced product, some parts are provided in combination with commercially available parts, and the specifications of some parts may change without notice.
  • Some parts have been changed from the catalog and photos to comply with Japanese security standards. (SIAM STREET, TOKYO STREET, Jungle Cub, etc.)
  • Installation and use of custom parts is at the purchaser's own risk. Any damage or damage that may occur during installation or use is not covered by the warranty.
  • Adding custom parts may void the motorcycle manufacturer's warranty.
  • The addition of custom parts may change the balance and air resistance and affect driving performance, but any such effect is not covered by the warranty.
  • By adding a larger size tire, fuel efficiency and acceleration will also differ.

Custom cars are not recommended for those who require the same performance, paint condition, and balance as commercial cars. Please choose a normal car.

Full Custom (Complete Build-Up) Price: 

  Cub / Monkey Custom Rebel Custom
Costs included
in the list price
Sales Tax (VAT) Sales Tax (VAT)
N/A Weight Tax
Expenses * 1 Expenses * 1
Shipping Fee * 2 Shipping Fee * 2
Costs not included
in the list price
Auto Liability Insurance Auto Liability Insurance
Option cost **3 Option cost * 3
  • *1 A sales certificate will be issued for the Cub / Monkey Custom number, so please obtain it yourself at the relevant government office. Please obtain and register the number of all cars , in countries other than Japan, by yourself based on the laws of each country.
  • *2 In countries other than Japan, additional costs may be incurred due to the laws and regulations of each country. Please Contact Us for the details.
  • *3 For consultation on installation of optional items and estimate of the total amount, Contact Us, please. In countries other than Japan, it may not be possible to install optional items due to the laws and regulations of each country.
About all listed prices: 
The list price includes 10% consumption tax and domestic shipping in Japan.
However, the price is a standard price and is subject to change without notice due to fluctuations in exchange rates and import costs.
Please read "Terms of Service" for the details.

About Full Custom (Complete Build-Up) Dealers:
Customers who purchase Full Custom (Complete Build-Up) will be contacted by the K-SPEED authorized dealers.
Please consult with each dealer regarding the schedule until delivery, installation of optional items, etc.
In addition, please note that personal information such as your name, address, and e-mail address will be shared with these K-SPEED authorized dealers.
Please read "Privacy Policy" for the details.

Products purchased from parallel imports, etc.:
We will not respond to inquiries regarding defective products, scratches, or installation of products purchased from other than authorized retailers. It will not be returned or initially defective. We recommend that you purchase from the authorized dealers.

About product warranty (initial failure):
If the engine does not start within 3 days after delivery, or if there is an initial defect such as an electrical trouble (the blinker does not blink, the horn does not sound), the product will be repaired or replaced.
In addition, regardless of the changed part, if the specification is changed within 3 days, it will be excluded from the initial failure target from that point.
Please read "Terms of Service" for the details.

Notes on Wheel Cover:
When the Wheel Cover is attached, it is easily affected by crosswinds. We ask that you fully understand the effects of crosswinds caused by installing the Wheel Cover before purchasing. Especially in areas with many gusts and those who drive at high speeds, please understand the danger and driving characteristics and consider whether or not to install it.

Notes on ABS:
In new vehicles (vehicles with ABS function), if tires other than the standard are installed, ABS may not function properly. Please understand that changing the tires will affect the ABS function before deciding to install.

Notes on rubber products:
Rubber products rarely deform during transportation.
By matching it with the car body at the time of installation, it will return to its original shape.
If you attach it while pulling the rubber part, it will return to its original shape in a few days.

About the use of trademarks and photographs:
Bamboo Hornet, the official distributor of K-SPEED, manages the trademarks owned by K-SPEED.
It is prohibited to use copyrighted works such as trademarks, logos and photographs without permission. Please note that permission and contract are required in advance.
If the product is used for commercial purposes except for personal purposes, we will charge 30,000 yen / month for each item retroactively from the time of use.

Compliance with various regulatory standards in different countries.
It is physically impossible to collect information on all country regulations, etc., and to change or adapt specifications for the products listed on this website.
Therefore, it is not possible to comply with national environmental standards, national regulatory standards, applications for approval, etc.
Nor can information such as design drawings be provided. Please be aware of this in advance.